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RexKraft Survival
Discord: https://discord.gg/DvjpCcg 

RexKraft offers players a community driven, survival experience. Our approach to survival caters to a variety of play styles for those who are looking for a cooperative experience, we have restrictions on raiding/griefing and PvP, with security features such as LandClaim and gameplay mechanics such as McMMO to ensure you have the best possible experience. Additionally, for those who are interested in testing their skills and inventory in a competitive environment, player vs player will be available in specially marked called, â??PvP SkyWarsâ?? 

We pride ourselves on what we call â??Play-to-Winâ?? all server ranks are obtainable through in-game currency, which is in turn obtainable through continued play and special events. Each rank will provide access to new abilities, and special Perks can be purchased separately to give you an edge in survival.. 

Working as a team to successfully complete difficult tasks and succeed in events is highly encouraged to bring about a friendly and close community. Come join us at RexKraft and become a part of our friendly community!
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