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X37B [World-of-Towns] Survival
Ultimate Town/Multi-World Survival!

We have a few add-ons to enhance the server experience NO MODS REQUIRED:
Vehicles - (Ability to Purchase Cars, Submarines, and Helicopters In-Game)
Slimefun - (Access to new machines, elevators, jet-packs, mining machines)
Jobs - (Earn money for mining, farming, enchanting etc.. Up to 3 jobs at once!)
Shops - (Create your own chest shops and serve the economy!)
Our Custom Worlds:
- Icelands World
- Jungle World
- Island World
- Ocean World
Economy, Points, In-Game Purchases, McMMO, Jobs, Mass Rail Transit, Land Claims, Chest Shop.

Looking for mature members to help build server infrastructure @ X-37B World of Towns (Survival) Server. Build Pathways, Shops, Farms, Arenas, Games. Payment for Building: long-term Administration Privileges on ALL "World of Towns" Services.
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