Icon image for server: HyperSMP / LandClaim | Shops | Jobs | Very awesome community!!!
HyperSMP / LandClaim | Shops | Jobs | Very awesome community!!!
Hello everyone welcome to HyperSMP a very awesome SMP server for you and your friends to come and play on together trust me you all will have a lot of fun here at HyperSMP you get to have a lot to do and fun events and giveaways and tons more!!!

NOTE: DO NOT include the :25561 at the end of the ip

NEW things added!!!

2. /wild command to tp you anywhere in the world

3. /TPA

4. New shops being setup

5. Jobs

and lots more to be added!

ill make sure everyones land is all good and protected ASAP but, for now you all may come onto HyperSMP and play all you want!

Remember Built all you want with friends and family!!!

I hope everyone has time to come on and enjoy themselves with calm SMP with friends :)

Also soon we will be enabling this server as a witelisted server so you MUST join our discord to be whitelisted to join but, for now you can join using the ip without whitelist...

Discord invite link


Remember to join it and go to the rules and react to accept them!
There will be a channel for HyperSMP whitelist request coming soon.

for now there is no whitelist on!

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