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Trippy Anarchy
A fresh new 1.16.5 server with the added bonus of offering stupidity and a place to be you

What's this server got?
-Some dumb plugins
-A stupid owner that does stupid things such as being stupid and messing around
-We got bee jokes yes we revolve around bee jokes
-Open to suggestions for the server
-We got drugs cause why not? Idk
-No rules what so ever besides 32k's being not allowed so you can do what you want
-You can be racist i guess? If you want to that's cool.
-Build what you want how you want
-The spawn is not protected do what you want with it the last one got massively nuked
-Owner is guarntee'd to be on 9-5 in the weekdays
-Owner will help you with any problems

-Luckperms is not set up YET so if you want to be teleported randomly ask the owner
-Can be a tad bit laggy sometimes but mostly its not the server
-Not a lot of people on yet as the server is currently not popular
-Its anarchy so you know what that entails
-Some dumb plugins (It can be either good or bad depending on you.)
-Owner is a goober (Again this could be good or bad depending on you.)

Does any of this sound appealing to you? Then come join at:

I'm trying my best here!
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