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About Osmicraft:

Osmicraft is a SMP/Anarchy style Minecraft Server. You can build your base in the SMP world, then you can head over to the Lost Lands world to PVP other players, loot crates, and even start a war!
We now have crossplay between Java and Bedrock versions of Minecraft!


With only a 50k x 50k map size, the SMP world is the main focus on the server. You can travel far off from spawn to build your base, then hunt other players down to raid their bases.
For a list of commands you can use, visit the Osmicraft Guide

The Lost Lands:

The Lost Lands is a world in which you can loot chests, PVP other players, and duke it out with another clan! You cannot use commands in Lost Lands, so your enemy cant chicken out of a fight and teleport home.
Once you obtain some loot from Lost Lands, you can go back to the SMP world by using one of the exit points located on the north and south side of the map. All the goodies you get from Lost Lands, you get to keep in the SMP.
If you die in Lost Lands, you will lose everything in your inventory. You may have a shot to get it back, but other players might just find your stuff before you do.


Occasionally, we will have PVP tournaments to win in-game money!

Support Osmicraft:

Supporting the server will let us increase ram which will increase the player-count and reduce lag. Supporting the server will also help pay the monthly rent to keep the server up and running! You can check out the Osmicraft webstore here: https://playosmicraft.tebex.io/?
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