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We are a new server that just turned a month old that has already become a new home for many Minecraft players.

Our server is an SMP (Survival Multiplayer) server at heart that is heavily driven by its economy. We have an ever growing STOCK MARKET which provides a selection of stocks that you can buy and sell at any time. The stocks are updated regularly every 15 minutes, and you can keep up to date with them live with /invest.

Each player on Colonial Craft chooses a job THAT COME WITH QUESTS that they think they are best suited for. Jobs come with many ways in order to get lots of dough! The jobs are:
- Miner
- Lumberjack
- Hunter
- Digger
- Farmer
Miners get money for mining ores, farmer gets money for harvesting crops, etc.

Our server features a colonial themed spawn town which holds many stores to buy and sell goods in. Players also have the opportunity to open up their own automatic stores which they can also set warps to, so other players can have access to your store so that you can make money even while offline.

Explore the many towns and checkpoints on the server. Each of our wild warps (North, West, East, and South) feature different towns, shops, and other player builds that you can interact with and build upon as well.

Players are also rewarded for their playtime on the server. Active players receive many free perks such as opening public shops, opening warps, and accessing our open-world creative world.

Other features we offer on this server:
- Stock Market
- SignShop
- Essentials
- GriefPrevention
- MobHeads (All mobs have a chance to drop a head)
- Banking
- RTP (Random teleport)

Our server is also home to many events, and is always active with a friendly community to always welcome you.

We hope you stop by and pay us a visit and enjoy our server, Colonial Craft. Thanks!

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