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Epic Dimensions
Epic Dimensions - THE BEST CUSTOM SMP SERVER V.1.16.5

* Custom SMP (Hard)
* Custom PVP (Fire Castle)
* Awesome Parkour with Rewards
* Custom Teams
* Amazing different dimensions / realms
* Shadowrealm with Custom bosses with loot
* Crates with godly rewards
* Easy to navigate
* Anti-swear, Anti-Lag, Anti-Hack (SAC), Anti-Dupe
* First 10 to join gets a free epic key each (Worth 10$ each)
* Custom Mobs


The new server with custom mobs that you never ever seen before!
A Shadow realm with scary bosses with custom loot.
Oakhold the castle of the legion for high level players!
Elven City of Mor'thgul where you can get custom enchantments!
Play to become the strongest and join the fighters club, mages guild or the Ninja Clan! It's your adventure!
Hard Survival, Custom maps, Custom enchantments, Amazing Crates / kits, New monsters, Dungeons, Friendly community.

Suitable for 13+ (Anti-swear, Anti-hack, Anti-Duplicate)
Join today!
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