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Epuuc's Public Server
Epuuc's Public Server is a great community survival server with people on almost 24/7 from around the world. The server has an economy, AuctionHouse, spawn shops, and Mob Grinders to earn extra money. There is also McMMO ranking system for the different actions you do on the server. We also have a creative world if the survival isn't fit for you. Dynmap support has been added so you may look at the overview of the map that players have explored. Votifier enabled server giving perks for voting daily. There are rare chances of player skulls dropping when you kill them, so keep your eye out for them. If you don't want your land griefed or raided, you can use GriefPrevention to claim your land to avoid any pvp interactions or damage to your land or items.

Join alongside wonderful community that this server has and become part of it.
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