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Journeys SMP
Hello! Journeys SMP is a survival server created recently in hopes of gathering a small community of people that enjoy playing survival together!

We are a team of two devs that try to update the server as much as we can, and we are open to ideas and suggestions from the community!

There is an in-game economy on the server, you can earn cash by doing your chosen /job, doing quests that are scattered around spawn, or selling your items to other players through the auction house. Player plots around spawn are a work in progress!

Claims are enabled as of now, to prevent griefs on the startup, if this feature stays on the server will be up to the community!

There is also an ongoing event for free donator rank on our forums!, come participate!

The only rules as of now, is that we want our players to be friendly, ofcourse joking around is completely fine, but you know!

And using hacked clients are not welcome on here ;-)


FORUM: https://journeysmp.enjin.com/forum

We hope to see you on!

- Kloss and the Journey guys
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