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Bean Craft
Bean Craft is a Survival Minecraft server focusing on a positive, friendly and fun community. We try to keep the survival experience as vanilla as possible, while using several small datapacks from Vanilla Tweaks to enhance the game.

We have two survival worlds as well as a SkyBlock and Parkour world.
SV - Regular survival terrain.
ASV - Amplified survival terrain.
SkyBlock - SkyBlock survival world.
Parkour - [Coming soon]

Rules: (some of these apply here as well)
1. No griefing and theft. Staff will roll this back. If you are repeatedly griefed, staff will make a region for you, which will protect your build.
2. No offensive builds. Staff will decide what is offensive or not.
3. No hacking and use of hacked clients. This includes auto clickers, x-ray and fulbright mods. OptiFine is allowed.
4. No offensive comments and actions such as Homophobia, hate speech, and anti-religious speech. Minor swearing is allowed.
5. Don't spam and use excessive CAPS. This also means don’t ping people unless its actually necessary and only ping staff if its urgent (preferably in #suggestions-and-requests)
6. Keep the chat English only. This can make moderating the chat difficult and is hard to follow a conversation if it is in multiple languages.
7. Respect staff’s decisions and other members. If someone asks you to be left alone, please respect that.
8. No publishing of personal information of others without their permission. This is *us* keeping you and others safe.
9. No advertising other servers. Take it to DMs.
10. No politics and controversial topics. Staff will intervene if necessary.
11. No begging for ranks and items.

Discord: https://discord.gg/BWg2zSx
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