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Hello! AwACraft is a whitelisted Java and Bedrock community on one single server! How is that you say? Well we have a plugin called "Geyser" that will allow this to happen.. Which is a pretty amazing deal! Though if you join you will have to do a application so please make sure you read the rules first.. We are a community that cares for each other and helps each other out if we need it! Why should you pick us! Well first.. The awesome plugin to have you join where ever you are at in the world (As long as you have internet) and also dynmap just for the fun of it! You dont have to show yourself on Dynmap so you can do "/dynmap hide" in chat to hide yourself from the map! Along with one player sleep and that is it.. ITs completely vanilla (Gameplay style at least) also.. The Owner (Hi how are ya? :P) actually cares about the members in it and will try his best to make sure nothing/no one will ruin your fun! If you think someone is acting suspicious then please contact the staff team! Other than that thank you so much for reading! If you got any other questions .. Please just join the discord and ask! Thank you!
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