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Vertical Recoil SMP
Vertical Recoil SMP
Friendly Survival Multiplayer
Vertical Recoil SMP is a friendly survival Minecraft server that aims to
grow in community size whilst staying as Vanilla as possible. With the
possible increase of players like you, we hope to grow to be able to fund
big events that will give increasingly beneficial rewards to our players!

What Makes VRMC SMP Special?
Well for starters, in the very near future, we strive to raise enough money
to get a premium plugin that will allow players with and without Virtual
Reality headsets to play together! Our server includes its own Youtube,
Twitch and Discord links that you can access for more content and info
on when we are having special events.

On top of VRMC having VR quite literally, we will also have special ranks
and privileges that can be bought on our website to help you progress
through the game! This does NOT mean that you must buy ranks or
other items in our store to play. It is absolutely possible to play on our
server and have fun without a rank, but doing so and possibly donating
will help us upgrade our systems so that we can better serve you!

One feature that we are planning to add breaks the aspect of Vanilla just
a tad, but here at VRMC we believe that you will enjoy the usage of cars
and planes to travel to your friends.

Build Highways, Connect to our Nether Hub, Fly Planes to each others
Air Strips, or use /warp if you have the donor rank to do so in order to
get around quickly. If you do not feel like travelling, all players still have
access to /tpa to teleport to their pals.

Feel free to contact and staff if you have any questions regarding our server!
Feel free to contact the server owner (me) if you have any questions
regarding making a purchase!

Custom Items and Potions
Ranks and Kits
Server-Wide Events
Cars and Planes
Voting Rewards
Friendly Community and Staff

Server IP:
Server Store: https://vertical-recoil-smp.tebex.io/
Discord: https://discord.gg/PqaUPzE
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