HardLock: The Unforgiving Server
HardLock is a minecraft server that pushes the difficulty far beyond the vanilla hard mode, complete with new mechanics, a limited world border, custom mobs and abilities, and temporary limbo on death.

If you're looking for a server that will make you fear death and force you to adapt, then you've come to right place. HardLock is shaped by the players without staff interference, unless rules are broken.

This server is designed for the toughest minecraft players. In-Game voice chat available if you join our Discord.


#1. No hacks or exploits of any kind.
#2. Do not spam.
#3. Do not advertise, this includes using this server and discord for self or 3rd party promotion.
#4. Don't be overly vulgar.
#5. No lag machines.

The first violation of any of these rules will result in a warning, the 2nd offence will be 1 week, 3rd offence is a permanent ban.

Keep toxicity to a minimum. Abuse, hate speech, racism, sexism, religious hate, and other similar offences will not be tolerated.
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