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Rexhia is a community like no other to emerge from the world of Minecraft. We value everyone from staff to new players as equals and strive to make each players experience the best it can possibly be. We also allow for multiple play styles as we understand that people like to enjoy Minecraft their own way.

Our IP is play.rexhia.com.
Our website is https://www.rexhia.com

Ranks for players excluding Staff and Donor Ranks:

Newcomer. The rank you will be when you first join our servers. While guests have the most limited commands, they can enjoy any of our servers.After that you have 15 more ranks you can upgrade to that comes with bonus features!

Ranks should not be seen as boundaries of who you can or cannot talk and play with. They are simply to show who is more experienced, or to give the user better satisfaction whilst playing on the server!

In order to enjoy our servers, its important that we all get along and agree to play the game in a civil way.Some basic rules.
No griefing.
Dont swear at anyone.
No abusing, harassment, racism, or sexism.
Dont complain when you are killed by someone in a PVP situation.
No hacking of any kind.
Do not build within 100 blocks of the spawn.
Please speak english only in public chat, though you are welcome to speak in any other language in a private chat.
No spamming or excessive caps. This is shouting, and it is rude.
Do not advertise your server on our server.
No spawn killing.

We want everyone to enjoy the game.No lagging the server on purpose.You may not set homes or outposts within 20 blocks of another persons creation without its owners permission.

While we have simplified the main rules above, the big, long, and boring explained rules can be found here: https://www.rexhia.com/rules None of them require you making a sacrifice to any evil deities, dont worry.

Join today as we are just a porkchop away!
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