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Minecraft: create & rent servers for multiplayer

Minecraft is a lot more fun when you play with your friends. Learn everything about multiplayer and how to create a server in our guide.

In this Minecraft server guide you will learn:

How to play with friends for free
Where you can rent free servers
Which fee-based server providers are recommended

The multiplayer mode in Minecraft is part of the success concept in addition to the texture packs in Minecraft. Whether you play in the LAN with your friends or rent your own server depends entirely on your needs. In this guide we explain everything you need to know about multiplayer and server creation.

How do I play Minecraft on the LAN?

An active single player game can be made available for up to eight players via the game menu in the LAN. To do this, all players must be in a network. Press Esc and click on “Open in LAN”. In this menu the game mode can be changed and cheats for Minecraft can be activated.

Before a game is available on the LAN, the mode can be set and cheats activated.

Click on “Start LAN World”. Additional computers in the network can now join the game by clicking on "Multiplayer" in the main menu. There the world you have provided becomes visible. If the world is not visible, open the Windows Defender Firewall settings on the providing computer and add Java to the “Allow an app or feature through the Windows Defender Firewall” list.
What do I have to consider when creating a server?

To run your own server on your computer, you need the Java version of Minecraft. The computer running the server should have the following minimum requirements.

How can I create Minecraft servers with Hamachi?

The easiest way to play with your friends is through Hamachi. This is a VPN client that you use to create private networks over the Internet. This method is suitable for casual gamers and anyone who does not need a continuously accessible server. The computer must be in continuous operation for a continuously accessible server. That costs more electricity than the rental costs at most providers. You can also host a Minecraft server with Fatality servers.

Setup is straightforward and quick. We didn't need five minutes to play together in our test. Aternos provides extensive explanations on how to configure the server correctly. Support should react quickly, even if users sometimes complain about the unstable performance.

Servers will shutdown if there are no players online for several minutes. The server in the user center must be started up before use. Particularly useful: Modpacks, plugins and your own worlds can be easily and easily integrated. If you are interested in mods in Minecraft, we recommend you take a look at the linked article.
Free private servers

Individuals who still have unused resources available on their server sometimes offer free sharing in the Minecraft forum. In return, sponsorship is often expected in the form of attribution when entering the server. Other players warn against dubious offers. However, these are only very rarely advertised.

The operators endeavor to keep the servers stable, especially when they are named. No provider wants to be known in the forum by unstable servers. Depending on the provider, it may take a while to contact us, so problems cannot always be solved immediately.
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