GlennMC is a fresh 1.12.2 based small network with the main focus of the survival server that offers ranks/commands, grief protection, and friendly staff!

We have a strict rule against griefing and try our best to help victims of greifs. We strive to keep players enjoying their time on pure survival gameplay.

You can vote to earn in-game money and claim blocks to help expand your claim, allowing you to build more onto your already protected based.

To get away from spawn and explore our world, you can use the /wild command to get teleported far away. This also makes it harder for griefers to find bases close to spawn.

Also, using our /ah command, you can list your items up for sale and other players can buy these items in return for money. This is a great way to "trade" between the entire community!

Coming soon we will have other gamemodes including BlockHunt. (BlockHunt is being worked on right now!)

If you liked any of the above, give GlennMC a try and join today :)
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