AirReps Official Server
This is the Official Minecraft server for the AirReps discord!
The discord has 4500 Members at this moment.

Are you looking for a chill and fun Minecraft Survival Experience? Well, here we are!
This server is SEMI-Vanilla, so you can enjoy some nice Server Features and also get the enjoyment of playing regular Minecraft SMP!

We have lots of things to offer!

- Grief Protection: You can claim your own area so you're protected from ANY type of griefing! You earn claim-blocks by playing and voting!

- Anti-Xray: We have the best Anti-Xray system out there! We guarantee you an X-RAY Free Server! You won't have any type of disadvantage and the game will be fair and fun!

- Lockette: You can use this to lock your important stuff, such as: Doors, Chests, Furnaces and more!
- Voting system:

- Crates with Awesome Rewards: You can vote 5 times per day, so make it count! Every vote will give you a Vote key, which you can use to open Amazing loot crates at spawn! There are many items you have a chance to earn!
If you vote 5x per day you'll earn +350 Claim Blocks!

- WildTP: A nice Portal at Spawn which you can go through. This portal will teleport you to a safe and far away place, you don't need to worry about anyone or anything. This will save you time so you don't need to travel all the way by foot.

This server is still W.I.P so we appreciate you for joining!
See you on the server!
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