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Melon Nation Network

Come join us today! @ IP: play.melonnations.com

Join Our Discord!

All Server Rules : Posted In The Discord! Or Down Below!

All Staff Applications : All Staff Applications are handled through our server discord, "PRIVATELY"
Skyblock Server : Start off on a small island and grow it to be one of the best! Cobble Gen W/Ores, Island Upgrades! Island Missions and MORE!
Survival Multiplayer : Our SMP Server is just like any standard SMP Server, but with big things coming to it very soon!

Custom Plugins : Custom Coded Banning GUI System, Fancy Skyblock with ore gens, Custom Made Chat Plugin, and PREMIUM CUSTOM CRATES!

What is Melon Nation?
Im gald you asked, Melon Nation is a small growing Bungee Network with two of the most popular servers out there! We have a dedicated Staff Team.. There to answer and help all your questions and comments you have have or need! Currently we are looking for Moderator Staff Members ONLY! Melon Nation has come a long way since its private development and now we want the public to enjoy the server just as much! So what are you waiting for? Come join today and check it out!

How does Melon Nation Work?
Im glad your asking this, Melon Nation, works through a custom coded Bungeecord System. When joining the server for the first time you will notice some things that most MC Servers have that we dont! For example we dont use Hub or Lobby plugins based around "GUI Items" We use commands for a good majority of the entire server! In the hub to go to a specified server you will type the command "/[Servername].. so for example, If i where a new player looking to join Skyblock
Example Command : /Skyblock

What do we offer to play?
Are you a Skyblock fan? Well on this server you can take to the skys, facing new challenges in the newly updated Skyblock plugin for 1.15.2!
Not so much into Skyblock? Like SMP or a Roleplay server instead? Well out SMP or "Survival Multiplayer" is the server for you!
(Preferably for those who like there feet on the ground!)

What can you expect from us, as a Community & Staff Team??

Friendliness, Professional, Straight to the point, Reliable, and Fun


We keep our rules pretty straight forward, so both the staff team and the players can interact nicely and have fun on the Network!

1. InGame Chat Offences
Spamming: Sending too many and/or repeating the same message in chat in a short period of time. Caps: Sending messages with an excessive amount of capital letters.
General Rudeness: Being intentionally rude to other players or staff using offensive words/phrases. Hackusation: Accusing another player in chat of hacking repeatedly.
Chat Trolling: Saying things in chat that are misleading to players and/or are intended to cause confusion.
Mini-Modding: Non-staff players trying to enforce the rules on players. This applies when staff are online.
Protesting: Arguing with players in chat constantly or attempting to argue any sort of punishment that a staff member has made.
Bypassing Chat Filter: Purposely trying to send a message in chat which is a blocked word/phrase. Social Engineering: Reasons may vary.

2. General Offences
Trolling: Purposely trying to ruin the game for others.
Map Exploiting: Abusing the map to get a substantial advantage over others.
Bug Exploiting: Abusing a bug/glitch in the game intentionally to give yourself an advantage.

3. Client Side Offences
Client Mods: The use of any modifications which are not approved such as "xray" or "ore finders" that give the player an in-game advantage.
Hacking: Having or using of any sort of hack or hacked client.

4. Other
Inappropriate Names: Names depicting nudity, Racism, etc
**Scamming is not handled with the Server Staff, deal at your own risk! Use /trade (Player Name)**
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