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Welcome to MCKIUKIS

We are a Survival server , economy based with Ranks, McMMo, Levels, Jobs, GUIShop, Custom Enchants, Challanges, Discord, Pets, BackPack, Crates and more!

What do we have:
- Survival: Survive and try to get to the highest rank!

- Custom Enchants: From PvP Enchants to epic mining enchants!

- Levels: Ingame levels with awesome perks.

- Challanges: A wide amount of challanges you can complete.

- Backpacks: Store your items in a backpack, saved on death.

- Jobs: Make money with jobs like Mining, Exploring etc..

- McMMO: Earn exp and get on the leaderboards.

- Crates: Get vote keys for voting and get lucky from the Lucky keys.

- ShopGUI: Buy and sell items in a GUI.


- IP: mc.mckiukis.net

- Discord: https://discord.gg/8bY3GA
- Store: store.mckiukis.net
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