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Hi, play.JanPhilB.com was born out of my own frustration at not being able to find a Skyblock server where you couldn't buy an advantage for real money, so we offer just that. At the moment there is only one instance of Skyblock, but this will change as needed, and I promise that there will never be in-game currency or anything like that to buy, only and if ever cosmetics. The server is still in the development phase and is constantly being developed, but we are already offering you the same at the moment:

A fully functional shop.
Mobcoins with respective items.
A crate system, where keys can be redeemed with e.g. Mobcoins.
An own 200 block wide island.
Minions such as Minerminions with which simple tasks can be automated.
A Vote System (In the next few days).
A custom cobble generator.
Custom Enchants with over 50+ different Enchantments

Features that are still in the works:
Custom Hoppers.
Further possibilities for mobcoins.
Further Skyblock Templates.

This is my first project in this direction and I would be glad about feedback, for wishes and suggestions as well as for bug reports I am reachable under my discord tag JanPhilB#0364

The lobby is still pretty basic, but I'm also planning some upgrades, the spawn will be completely restructured in the next weeks to make it look like the server style, and if there is interest, I plan to add a faction server in the future.

Attention: The server is still in its alpha phase at the moment and might still have its problems at one point or another

If you like the server I would be happy about an upvote despite the still due voting system.

So have fun!

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