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StonahMC | Factions RPG
Are you tired of getting lost in the crowds of people on those massive factions servers?
Not on StonahMC!

Welcome to StonahMC, a faction based RPG server currently running on 1.8 through whatever current version you’re running!

We are currently a tight knit community of fun and friendly people striding towards grow… but we can't do that without you!

We have custom enchants as-well as a very efficient GUI’S for various commands. Upon joining StonahMC everyone is assigned to be a miner but you can switch jobs at any moment with ( /search ). You will complete job quests and earn points to spend in the job shop. You can also gain faction points to spend in the faction shop, or vote points to spend in the voting GUI. We have MCMMO, so you can grind till your eyes are tearing up and fight your way to the top of the balance-top!

Along with normal server voting ranks we also have one donation rank currently and more to come. Voting ranks give us to ability to reward you for supporting us. Check out the kits to find out how many votes it will take you to get to the next rank.

If you have any questions, problems, or issues, please let a staff member know at ( http://discord.stonah-mc.us/ ) or feel free to reach out on our forums. So if you like a small, friendly, tight-knit server with an actively changing environment based off of community suggestions, as well as staff that strive to listen to the community and be as highly responsive as possible…

Join us today! Stonah-MC.us
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