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The Valhalla Project
Discord: discord.gg/SCH9yA9
IP: Valhallasurvival.plox.vip

Why should you Join Valhalla?
- Valhalla has a small very friendly community
- Theres around the clock support varying from in-game to discord
- The server is always being constantly updated with new features and plugins
- We host a refferal scheme, You invite your friends and i will reward you
- There will be special events for players as the server grows

Valhalla Features:
- An outstanding battleground at /warp pvp
- AFK Mob farming is allowed
- Minimaps are allowed (No x-ray or any other kind of mods)
- Optifine is allowed
- Fantastic Donor ranks, in-game items , commands and kits for very cheap prices

Top Plugins included in Valhalla are:
- Votifier (We have 7 links set up each link will reward you with 2 diamonds, 1 vote key and $1250)
- MCMMO (Level up your skills via the RPG like skill system)
- BloodMoon (Mobs become harder and have special ability's but drop special loot)
- Pets (Start with a fox by doing /pets)
- Crazy crates (Try your luck with many items to be won)
- Shop GUI Plus (Access the virtual in-game shop with /shop)
- Jobs advanced (Choose from 12 jobs to join with /jobs browse)
- LockettePro (Lock your chests by placing a sign on)
- Marriage (Pop the question to the special one with /marry)
- Slot Machines (Why not have a gamble in the casino)
- Brewery (Why not have a drink in the local bar?)
- Bounties (Set a bounty on your desired enemy player with /bounty)
- Rankup (Rank up in game with /rankup when you've met the requirements of /ranks)
- SilkSpawners (Mine spawners with silk touch)Donor plugins:
- SimplePets (Access to 28 different pets with /pets)
- Decoheads (Access over 500 equip-able decoheads with /decoheads)
- SuperTrails ( Access over 50 equip-able trails for your character)
And lots more...

Rules:- No duping of any kind
- No being disrespectful
- Always be kind to other players
- No Advertising
- No Bad language
- No modded clients/ hacks of any kind
- Be ethical - Use common sense
- No griefing of any kind
- No spamming

This server abides by the rules and will not tolerate breaking of them. Anyone who breaks the rules will be banned.
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