CivitasCraft | Vanilla Survival 1.16 | Hermitcraft Community | Data Packs!
Welcome to CivitasCraft!

CivitasCraft stands for community!
The server and her players are heavely inspired by the famous Hermitcraft server.
However we are already playing on Minecraft 1.16!

And as of the 26th of June we have a brand new world to explore! Join us now from the beginning!

We are looking for mature players who like to enjoy Minecraft as pure as it is.
We accept all kind of players as long as you respect eachother and eachother builds!

Come join us if you are looking for an amazing and fun time during this global crisis.
As of now we have a total of 20 daily players enjoying CivitasCraft and its community.

If you are interested in joining the server then please join our discord server:
More information is displayed there. It is also our main way of communicating with eachother.

We are very glad to announce that we now have multiple Data Packs installed, like:
One player sleep
Anti Creeper Griefing
Player Heads
More Mob Heads
And more to come!

We hope to see you soon!

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