Primed Stupidity Survival
[b]Primed Stupidity Survival[b] is a semi-vanilla Minecraft Server that aims to give players an enjoyable multiplayer experience using various plugins.

Protect your builds and hard work with the GriefPrevention plugin. Use claim blocks to protect your territory to keep it safe from griefers and keep you safe from PVP. These are earned by playing, bought with earnable in-game money and you are given some when you first join the server.
We provide players with a market at our spawn where you can spend your Money on various item to help you. These include Weapons, Armour, Colour Dyes and more. You are also able to setup your own Chest Shops to sell your own items to other players to make some extra Money.

Get killed my a mob or player? Fear not because your items will drop into a Dead Chest. These chests appear where you are slain, last 10 minutes and can only opened by you.

Join 3 of the variety of jobs with JobsReborn to earn Money and XP that can be used to by items to help you on future endeavours.

There are many more plugins to enhance your gameplay experience. Use the address [b][b] to join our server today! We look forward to see you in-game.
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