Ore-mageddon, a fresh world in a new growing community.
Built, tested, tweaked over several weeks for a great lag free near vanilla survival experience.

Designed to keep as true to the vanilla Minecraft experience as possible with a selection of subtle plugins to improve quality of play, such as;


Now you can pick up mob spawners with a silk touch pickaxe to place where you want !


Pick up and shoot back with arrows shot at you.


Want a trophy of your victories to decorate your fireplace with? Or even lord over your rivals?
Now you can with their own head, all player kills will drop a head that you can pickup and place.


A real time live updating map of the Ore-mageddon, players can opt-out or opt-in to being visible.

Various anticheat & moderation tools
Helping to provide a lag free, pleasant and fair experience for players without getting in the way.

Combined with our whitelist, active and involved staff, Ore-mageddon is fun for all.

Alot of effort has gone into building the Ore-mageddon for everyone, come build with us.
We are not and will never will be a pay-2-win community.

Come join and help build our community.
Please come join our discord at:

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