Welcome to SkybitMC: A golden, sun sated happy place where any of your troubles are no more! Here in the grand world of SkybitMC, we provide a simple Skyblock experience that is different than any others in the best ways possible. We welcome you to come play with us, survive, relax, make friends, and become the best!


- Skyblock: What skyblock used to be, but not as bland.
- Player Warps: Custom warp plugin created to make visiting islands easier than before.
- Chest Shops: Any player can create a shop on their island and sell off any item.
- Bosses: Kill off deadly bosses in exchange for rare loot.
- Ranks: Never run out of activities to accomplish as you can always shoot for the top spot on the rank, and balance leaderboard.
- Generators: A slight twist has been made with our generators, come check it out!
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