RealmsPVP Prison Server
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What Is RealmsPVP?
RealmsPVP is an old school minecraft prison server.
We feature a unique ranking and game progession!
We also have a mature and active community.Features?
I am actively playing the server every day adding new things and updates daily!?
Each rank allowes you to combine items obtainable in prior ranks to make something new!?
Money printers - An illegal item, if found on plots you get fined with ingame money?
Items each have their own unique way of being obtained? Zombie survival area?
Active discord? Player run marketplace? Custom mob drops | Custom sized plots?
Unique in game bombs that can be thrown to explode an area.?
Daily custom events Spleef,pvp brackets,parkour ect?
A realistic progress system where it's always a challenge but never tedious!
Many different routes to obtain moneyWhere to find us
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Version - 1.15.+
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