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Dear Fellow Gamers, we need you!

Gaining My Manlihood was a survival, vanilla based Minecraft server started almost a year ago. Last year, unfortunately after a turn of events, it was shut down.
Now, in a new year and almost a year later, its been brought back to life! But, this time, you make it whatever you believe for it to be. Whether that be Gaining Your Manlihood, Dignity or Life back, we got you covered! Our server is backed by helpful and knowledgable staff, as well as relaxed and chilled back players that you can joke with and rely on to lighten your mood! Tired of the same old mine, get diamonds, enter the nether, kill a wither skeleton and end your adventure with the dragon? We got you covered on that part too, we have a special Dungeon plugin which installs over 70+ dungeons that vary by each biome. These are full of what feels like endless waves of mobs, but your effort is rewarded by some of the rarest loot! We also have some other plugins:
BetterSleep So the whole server doesnt have to worry about everybody sleeping
PlayerHeads Kill other players and obtain their heads!
Timber Cut down whole trees with simple effort!
SilkTouchSpawners Mine spawners with SilkTouch make mob farms!
DiscordSRV Discord Server is connected with the Minecraft Server, players are able to communicate in-game with players that are only on the Discord

Join today, your actions wont be a mistake!


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