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The Network | 7 Minigames
A brand new game network featuring seven modes.

Island Wars: Same concept as bedwars, but your on an island surrounded by deadly water.

Village Defense: Protect the villagers from waves of zombies!

Tower Defense: Protect the target from waves of monsters using cannons!

Death Swap: Try to kill your opponent by using the random swaps to your advantage!

Paintball: A one-hit kill shooter using snowballs!

Hide And Seek: Disguise yourself as a block and hide from the seekers!

Cops and crims: Using a custom texture pack this mode brings counterstrike into Minecraft!

Game Versions: 1.9-1.15
IP: play.thenetworkmc.com
Website: thenetworkmc.com
Discord: discord.thenetworkmc.com
Store: store.thenetworkmc.com
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