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A Semi-Survival Server with a challenging twist, We use In-Game-Money and Emeralds as currency. Players can purchase items at the shops using Emeralds and can also acquire $ by selling farmable items or mob drops. You can also acquire them by doing the daily lottery draw or killing mobs that drop heads that can be sold. We use 'Vamp' Stones for land claim/protection. You can purchase them at the shops but it is going to cost you more than a twinkie. Visit our discord server for more information on the vampiric stones! We also have custom caves, no more plain old mc caves! Our custom cave gives you a higher and better experience, a thrill that some mc players that have been asking for. Custom mobs spawn, more creepy and spookie ambient sounds and randomly generated structures. Want to be a mole and live underground without leaving the safety of the caves? done! with the custom randomly generated structures, you'll never have to leave the caves and go above ground. But thats if you choose to :D

Give us a try and be sure to vote!

Join our discord by simply doing /Discord in game, and click the link!
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