Gemcraft Survival
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-------- About The Server --------
Whilst making Gemcraft we have implemented tons of features for you to enjoy which are neatly documented in our /help command for easy usage.
We also provide custom made GUI's so you dont need to remember all those complicated commands!

-- Map Information --
Map Size
Overworld: 50k x 50k
Nether: 10k x 10k
End: 20k x 20k

-------- Some Features --------
Anti-Grief System
Custom Bosses
Custom Enchants
Quests (100+)
Over 21,000 Custom Heads (Free to Use)
Timed Flight
Custom Chests (Sell Chest, Multi-page & More)

------ Community -------
Our community is very accepting and helpful towards new playersand will often help them out with anything they need.
We try to promote a friendly environment which every one can enjoy.
We would love to hear your suggestions, so please join our discord.
----- Rankups -----
Rankups are a free way of earning extra perks and rewards.Users can pay in-game money and rankup through the tiersthat we currently offer. The higher you rank up the more that you will get.
Current statistics
Players online 21 / 2022
Version 1.8.x
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