VKNG offers a simple survival experience with a twist

There is new additions onto the base game such as...
Legendary enchanted weapons & armour
Unlockable particle effects
Custom currency
Unique itemsTraders in spawn
Rewarding daily vote system
Custom loot tables
Much more to come

There is no rules other than don't cheat, feel free to raid and steal and fight your way to the top.

Take your time to look around spawn as there are many traders selling
custom coded items such as potions, event items, armor, weapons and
much more. It's simple survival with a twist, no chest locks, claims but
only a large world to travel out, settle down and explore. It's a new
server and a laid back community thats only going to continue to grow.
New additions updated regularly, so come check us out.

This server is a brand new project that will be continuously developed and growing over time.
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