Icon image for server: KiXSTAR's and TheGodlyNoob's MC Server
KiXSTAR's and TheGodlyNoob's MC Server
1.8 Combat minus sword blocking (use a shield).
NO map resets.
Server Difficulty: Hard
Both griefing as well as PVP are permitted and encouraged.
Almost 1 year old map with a lot of history.
Phantoms Disabled.
Bartering system, including the ability to trade over distance.
No players (including owners and staff) have access to creative.
The Vanilla map size.
Active staff, working anti-cheat, and many other features in this particular corner.
Minimal safe zones. (Spawn and Market)
A custom marketplace.
Buyable Spawners (Creeper, Wither Skeleton and the usual Vanilla ones)
Usershop's with a rent based plot system and a AuctionHouse.
Community Votes on Discord.
Daily login bonus.

No Cheating/Hacks
No racism/sexism and bigotry
Dont cause lag intentionally
Keep it civil in chat

Pictures: https://imgur.com/gallery/VDwvZVm
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