Makecraft is an extensive 1.12.2 modpack featuring Cnorgren's Ongoing 7 year project, Alleron City, The Worlds Largest Minecraft City. Mod features of Makecraft include: Better Questing implementing, Tinkers Construct, IndustrialCraft, Future Pack, TechGuns, and MinecraftTransportSimulator, and 194 more mods to give you control of your gameplay. Use all the resources given to you to create your very own city to rival the city of Alleron. Integrated economy, tools, and shops help you with your adventure to become the biggest and best city on this 30,000,000 block world. Come join us and Welcome to MakeCraft.

Start by exploring the wondrous city of Alleron, venture out into the world and let your villagers build up your town from the ground up(Minecolonies). When you have a hefty amount of resources coming in, you are ready to advance to the industrial age! From there you can initiate your city into the industrial mecca it has dreamed about, lay out the roads, plan the bridges and use the builders to build skyscrapers with industry, and economy, sell resources you produce for building materials(Dooglamoo Cities).

Perfect your cities with the many decorative mods included.- Ceramics, Chisel, Chisel's and bits, forestry woods, corail pillars for BOP Chisel and Forestry, LandLust, MrCrayfish, Xtones(like Ztones), platforms, decocraft.

Start the car up! That's right! Once you have the tech, you can build airports and working planes and trains, that's right, planes trains and automobiles! The world is now at your disposal!

Have a friend? Made a new friend? Why not use the handy blueprints to create a highway system throughout the world and link your new allies!

Be careful though more dangerous npcs may spawn further away from the worldspawn.

Even the world may try to kill you! Hot and cold biomes are more dangerous. Don't start in a desert, be sure to bundle up before going up that mountain!

Hope you like a challenge! Once your city gets big enough raiders will start to try to steal your hard earned goods! Build up defenses, hire villagers with minecolonies to be your security guards!

That and so much more is available in the modpacks. Come join us for the adventure!

Again, thank you for looking, we hope to see you on.

also join us on discord at

STREAMERS WELCOME! Create your own world within the server and let your fans play along with you while you stream! contact a moderator for more information.
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