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Cavetale uses the latest version of Java Edition Minecraft to bring you a fully customized experience. Almost every feature on Cavetale is custom made, developed by us to realize our vision of a Minecraft multiplayer experience where you can play the regular game in your own protected area, your home, and eventually go out on an adventure together with friends when you feel ready. We host events every weekend so you get to meet the community. There's a resetting world filled with resources and custom structures to explore. We offer skill levels, raids, a market with player shops, customized gear to collect, and much more. We're monetized through cosmetic purchases; no pay-to-win or paywalled ranks. Join us now and experience a pure and fantastic Minecraft adventure.

You have a passion for Minecraft and just want a reliable place to stay. Meet other builders, adventurers, or redstone engineers. The call to adventure and exploring new game mechanics excites you. You like to discuss existing features with us and suggest new ones. If any of this describes you, join us now.

Feature List

  • Claim your very own area to keep it safe and share with your friends.

  • Infinite mining in a dedicated Resource World which resets weekly.

  • Explore mysterious Custom Dungeons.

  • Earn money through the Economy and buy or sell sell precious items on the market or in auctions.

  • Never worry about storage and inventory management thanks to our Mass Item Storage system.

  • Keep an eye on the area around you with the Magic Map.

  • Connect your areas through global Link Portals easily.

  • Unlock powerful talents in the Skills System.

  • Watch what's going on any time with our Stream Bot.

  • Regular Hosted Events like adventures, competitions, group builds.

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Version 1.20.6
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