MineralCrack Factions
Why choose to play with us?

This is a Factions based server with a few goodies.

I remember first playing the game back in early 2012, The feeling of nostalgia motivated me to share what I loved about factions with others.
The server was founded on principal that everything that is unlockable with hard work.
I have noticed that some servers require players to throw real money in order to unlock kits, and that is something I am against... I have never been a fan of P2W..

Some key features of the server is Factions with upgrades, MCMMO, Custom Enchants, and Quests.
I have always been a fan of an RPG-Like experience, and wanted to provide to those who think similar.

Core Features:

Factions: We have factions that you can upgrade your land claims, how many players, you have, or even spawner rates :)
Quests: We have quests! Quests currently pay out XP or In-Game currency, which you can exchange for ranks at our Crusader, or Custom Enchantment Books ;)
MCMMO: MCMMO is fully implemented, but Disarmed is removed for balancing.
Custom Enchants: The enchantments offered provides an enhanced experience for tools, and armor. Meet our enchanter @spawn in order to trade XP for books :)

Other Goodies:

Tags: You can unlock tags when ranking up!
Crates: Yes we do have crates, you can unlock them via voting, or via random supply drops on the map.

There are a few things that I did have to change to make the game balanced for all, Elytra's are disabled in the Nether and over-world, while being enabled in the end?
For what reason? Faction fly is enabled with /f fly within your faction claim!

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