Crazy Plugin Anarchy Server - Same World for 8 years, since 2011.

• Custom Weather - Wind, Piling Snow everywhere when it snows, Hurricaines, soon Tornadoes, Wildfires etc.
• Evolving Mobs - Mobs evolve over time, evolving potion effects, and pass them onto their children. Automatic breeding happens.
• Somehow not a griefed wasteland - We have our own plugin for this: StrongBlock! Each block you place takes 30 destroys to be destroyed by another player. Ensuring freedom AND protection.
• No Ridiculous Restrictions - We hate it when we join other servers and you can't do anything.
• SOME hacks allowed! Like Baritone - Optimisation hacks. No cheating hacks though, so you'd have to set Baritone to Vanilla mining mode for example.


- 10+ Self-Made plugins
- 40+ Crazy plugins, loads of which YOU can use! Do /plugins :D

* Except obvious rules like don't break real law, don't use -cheating- hacks (baritone is allowed, but must mine in vanilla mode), don't build lag machines, obvious things like that that even total anarchy servers enforce.
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