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We are an old (est. 2015) longstanding 18+ survival server.
We try to leave the "meta" of pure Vanilla survival as unaltered as reasonable possible (for a public server). That means as many features from plugins you know from other servers are absent by design and won't be added.

Feature Overview
  • NO Warps, NO /tpa, NO homes or /back
  • NO special pets, NO McMMO or alike, NO donation perks or any such frills
  • The map will never reset, 1 world, 3 dimensions
  • Land protection via GriefPrevention
  • Player item trading with sign shops
  • Better Sleeping
  • Everything is made in survival, including the spawn area etc.
  • Lots of public farms.

Other Info: doFiretick and most mobGriefing is disabled; Limited Pillagers; you can craft enchanted golden apples

Rule(s) TL;DR: Be reasonable and don't be a dick. (Full Rules at https://server26.net/rules)
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Version 1.20.2
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