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Planet Aon
So, Planet Aon has appeared in the skies once again, after many years. Much has changed.

Infernal, and EliteMobs have taken over the night. They are fearsome adversaries, but it is said that to defeat one in battle will bestow onto you items of great power, enchanted beyond any known methods.
It is also said that the materials harvested from this planet have a life of their own! Crafted into a tool, weapon, or armor, they are able to learn as they experience, to become even more powerful than vanilla tools. These UpgradableTools can become a true force to be reckoned with!
You, yourself, are able to learn new skills, as well. From combat, to mining, there's no telling the limit of your McMMO skills!
Aside from also being a skill you can master, fishing is one of many Jobs, and you can eat, or sell anything you catch. The higher your fishing skill, the better a single fish can feed you. Keep in mind, huge fish sell for a lot more. It truly is UltimateFishing!
It seems as though the link with the old dimensions, once loved by previous inhabitants of Planet Aon have sadly been severed. However, as one door closes, another might open. Currently, there are four new dimensions to explore with your very own Tardis!

As ruler of Planet Aon, I've very few rules, as most issues are taken care of by plugin. Don't steal. Don't Grief. Don't be a dick. That's pretty much it. The last one could get you banned if you keep it up. The first two will be a permanant ban without notice, or appeal.

Build wherever you like, so long as you're mindful of other player's builds. Any block you place is yours, and automatically protected against griefing/stealing via plugins. However, if there is an issue with griefing/stealing that those plugins failed to protect, it takes about 30 seconds to find out who did it, ban them, and rollback the server as if they were never there.
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