Icon image for server: Prestige Architects | 18+ | 1.14.4 | Survival | Vanilla | Whitelisted | Discord
Prestige Architects | 18+ | 1.14.4 | Survival | Vanilla | Whitelisted | Discord
Hey there , I come to you to tell you about our brand new vanilla server. We established this server as of September 4th, 2019.

Prestige Architects is a new vanilla survival server where we provide you the ability to once again play normal Minecraft. The server is pretty much vanilla with the exception of some plugins. These plugins are mostly admin-related such as coreprotect and essentials. The plugins that would affect your gameplay are Bettersleep, DiscordSRV, and Dynmap.

We are a laid back community but expect our rules to be followed. Breaking certain rules will certainly get you banned. We expect you to be respectful and would appreciate it if you could be mindful of those around you. We do not tolerate griefing, spamming, stealing or any form of cheating.

As of present we have upwards of 70 members in Discord. Throughout the day we tend to maintain a player cap of around 15 players. To join our Discord we require that you are 18+ and that you have access to a microphone. To play you must schedule an interview with anyone who’s helper and above. The interview consists of nine quick questions such as your age, your plans for the server, how long you’ve been playing etc. The whole idea behind the interview is for us to determine whether or not you are eligible. We hope to see you around our world!
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