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The RingDong Minecraft server is a semi hardcore factions server with many features. Including Mineable spawners, 1.8 pvp, auction house, mcmmo, and lootchests that spawn around the warzone. There is no tnt raiding, instead you have to make a faction's power go down below their claims for them to become raidable. To do this you can kill players in a faction out in the wild or get in their base by glitching in or teleporting in. There is no sethome or tpa, you have to explore to get around. You can set a faction home and get to spawn by doing /spawn. To set up a faction do /f create "name" then do /f roles to set up the roles in your faction, after setting up faction roles you can promote a player by doing /f setrole "username" so they have permissions to do stuff in your faction. All permissions are set to no by default so you must set them up if you want your faction members to be able to do anything. There is a limited shop, you can make money by selling ores, ingots, and some food, you can make more money by selling stuff on the auction house to other players. Lootchests contain varying degrees of loot, the better the loot the rarer they will be. These include special items like godly gear, mending books, and villager eggs.

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