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The Dank Den
The Dank Den is a faction/drug based PvP server with custom plugins and custom crops which gives the player a new/enjoyable MC experience that you will love. We are dedicated to creating a nice, balanced game and we are currently in beta so we are still working on improving the server.

This is a Factions PvP style server, and there is no building protection outside of spawn. Part of the core gameplay is to raid other people's bases.

We are striving to create a nice community, and we are just releasing into beta.

There will be improvements going forward, we have been working on the server for over a month, and we are finally at a point where we can open to the public!

We have automatic NPC guards that will catch people with illegal crops in the town, voting crates, you can claim your own land and raid others.

The focus of this game mode is to create large farms, and we have a custom growing system in place, with tiers of grow speed for plants so you can choose if you want a fast cheap plant, or a slow expensive plant.

There are also several upgradeable crops (smelting, more to come in the future)

So please, come in, give it a try, and I'm sure you'll like all the hard work we've put in to our server!!
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