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You can join us at play.ourox.net, we hope to see you there!

What is Ourox?

Ourox is a Survival RPG Minecraft Server, filled with fun twists like
Relics, Auctions and more! The goal of Ourox is to bring a Vanilla
experience with small adjustments to enhance the content and feel! On
top of that, Ourox is fully custom using its very own core plugin that
handles 97% of the server.

What are some of the features available?

Relics - relics are our form of custom enchants each relic has different rarities drop rates and even effects!
Economy Based - Ourox contains many unique features providing player will a constant feeling of progression!
Leveling - Ourox contains a full custom MCMMO-like leveling system providing special perks to enhance your experience!
Claiming - Ourox has a unique version of claiming to allow the user to visualize
their claim's boundaries and protect the blocks within; however,
containers, entities, and few other blocks like crafting tables are not
available for protection. You must rely on your build to protect them.
Latest Vanilla - Experience the latest vanilla survival at all times! Since
Ourox is custom everything is updated to the latest version of Minecraft
as soon as possible to keep the feeling fresh!
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