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The Server Is Hosted On (1.14.2) However It Supports 1.8 PvP Mechanics.

Every Sunday We Host A Purge, During This Time You Can Fight Anyone And Raid Anything That Is Unclaimed.

Every Player Starts Off With 5k And You Can Make Money By Creating Chest Shops And Other Players Can Buy From It.

You Cannot Sell Stuff To The Server Because I Dont Want The Server To Be Farming Based

We Have A Town At Spawn That Is Free For Anyone To Build In.

Our Server Comes With Basic Commands Such As /Sethome, /Spawn, /Kit, /Tpa, /Claim, And /Wild

We Also Have A Few Fun Plugins Setup Such As... Veinminer, DrugsPlugin, Mending Enchant, And Enhanced Enchants.

Rules: No Griefing, No Offensive Words, And No Using X Ray Or Combat/Movement Cheats

This Server Is Really Unique Because We Have A Purge That Lets People Who Want To PvP "Release The Beast" hahaha lol,

But For Real, This Server Is For You :D The Server IP Is: zelmamc.apexmc.co and our discord is: https://discord.gg/YhAuQpq
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