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We are the asgard network we are 1.14 SMP Network. We are currently building our server network with players like you.
Veteran staffed and are always looking for new eager staff to help our players.
If building is more your style we have a excellent build team that does all of our server builds.
There is grief prevention so that all your builds are safe, along with chest locking so that no one can steal from you.
Our Anticheat keeps all hackers at bay so what no one has a unfair advanted.
We have a creative server where you can test out your builds and you can vote to have world edit.
Our servers are community driven and we take all suggestions into account before making changes.
Most of our community is 18+ so expect politcal chat and cursing to be a regular thing.
We have a custom elevator plugin along with flight in our survival world.
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