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HandCrafted - True Domination Experience

Welcome to the� HandCraftedCommunity� 

[left]We're super happy to see that you've finally found us![/left]

You'll be happy to know that your search for a friendly, reliable, fun to play server that caters for everyone has finally ended!

HandCrafted can provide you with all of these things and we're dedicated to provide you with an un-forgetable experience that you� can share with your friends to help build on our forever growing community of players to make it even more fantastic!

Our Community Message:� 
"If you're old enough to pick up a keyboard, explore and expand on your immagination... then you're the Hawkins of your own mind"

We are a duel world run server which hosts both "Towny" and "Factions"� 
to help support different play styles and promote diversity amongst our community

>We Feature on our server<

* Votifier (Use this feature to recieve rewards!)




* Survival

* Resource world

* Raiding


* Dedicated Staff Team

* 24/7

Join us on:

We can't wait to meet you! join our daily growing community!

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