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What is Polycraftia's aim?
Polycraftia is an extremely customized survival server. We strive to eliminate any pay2win elements to make the game more enjoyable for ALL users. With our custom contents, we have no doubts about our members having a blast on our server(s)! We are a community-orientated community - we listen carefully for all suggestions and we love to interact with our members.

What is the server's gamemode?
We currently only have one gamemode, a custom Survival server. We plan to expand to Hytale, and other Minecraft gamemodes like Skyblock/Factions in the foreseeable future.

Can I be a staff?
You sure can. Although, we have a certain requirements for you to meet first. However, as a new server, we are always in need of loyal, capable and professional staff members.


Our features includes (BUT not limited to);

  • Minecraft 1.13 VERSION FEATURES!



  • Storyline!

  • A trading system (Scamming? Impossible!),

  • Custom Companions,

  • Attractive voting rewards,

  • Custom monsters (Reapers, etc),

  • Non pay-2-win elements!,

  • Custom Enchantments,

  • Several miscellaneous features that makes the server feel unique.

And many more!
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