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Hello everyone!

MLGames is a custom plugin minigame server that offers 6 games at the moment, but 2 are in development. We have unique ideas that make gameplay exciting and competitive.
The descriptions of the games we offer currently can be seen here:

A team-based PVP minigame. Your team's goal is to destroy the two generators and nova of the enemy team. If your team doesn't complete this in a certain amount of time, the game will be forced to a tie! The team to destroy the two generators and nova wins.

A very exciting parkour minigame. The game begins with one archer and 4-15 runners. The runner's goal is to be the last one standing and avoid getting shot. If one runner gets shot, they turn into an archer and have to enliminate the remaining runners. You need to RUN! This is included in our Arcade section.

A fast-paced sumo game. Knock off your opponents in order to score points. Don't get knocked off! The first to 20 kills (points) wins!

Two teams try to enliminate the other team by throwing dodgeballs! But there's a twist - you also have trampolines! If you get hit, you're enliminated. The last team standing will win the game. This is included in our Arcade section.

If you are interested in recording or streaming on our network, here are some useful links that you might use and be interested in knowing:

IP: play.mlgames.ml
Website: http://ml-games.com/
Discord: https://discord.gg/hMwTfgf

River has also uploaded a video before on Defend the Core.
If you want to check it out, the link can be found here:

The server is released and @8ML#8131 is developing Bedwars and a Gun minigame.
Check out the server today. Thanks guys!
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