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PayPal+Buycraft f top to be determined most likely $500 total with a weekly payout. Features:

-Ability to buy ranks/anything off the store for ingame money (in development)
-Crop Hoppers
- GUI Shop
-Perfect Printer. Max speed small amount of holes to no holes in the printer
-World Edit wand for trenching in the store.
-Vertical and Horizontal Gen Buckets GUI. Cobble, sand, obsidian.
-Custom Enchants
- Free Faction Fly
- Free TNT Fill
-World Border (check #release information for borders) 3 Worlds and 12 corners
-Obsidian destroyer (break obsidian with 5 blasts of tnt)
-Sell Wands
- Harvester Hoes
-Chunk Busters
- Custom Mob Drops
- Shockwaves
- Souls for killing mobs (development)
I will read and consider every suggestion. I will show I have the PayPal money before giving an f top amount.
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