How to advertise your Minecraft server

Advertising your Minecraft server

You have put all your effort into an amazing server but all that is missing is the player base. In this article I will be walking you through my experiences as server owner and give a 'quick' guide on advertising your Minecraft server.

Know who you are advertising to
As with any advertising campaign it is important to know who you are targeting. Do you have a cracked Minecraft server with Towny of factions? It's best to look for that specific audience.

Don't go for the big website, focus your efforts on the smaller ones instead.
After many years I have figured out that it isn't important to get loads of new players. it is way more valuable to get players that stick. That why I would suggest you to advertise on smaller websites. Such as

These websites will give a lower throughput of new player however your server will be way higher upon the list. 
Importantly: it will rank higher for specific keywords such as (cracked, towny, factions, etc)

I order to gain rank up on the websites it is important you'd setup votifier on your server. Votifier is a spigot plugin that allows you to reward players for voting on websites. Most websites order based on vote received in a given month. (Tip: encourage your players to vote daily)

Bump your server
Relying on voting doesn't quite work if you don't have any players yet. This is why many websites offer you the option to 'bump' your server to the top once every 24 hours. be sure to setup a notification in your calendar so you don't forget! 

Paid advertising
If you have some buck left to spent on adverting be sure to use it wisely. Many websites offer different packages. Here I'll get back to the second chapter. It's best to go for the smaller/ medium websites. The packages are priced really decently and many of them offer a premium bidding too. You'd be able to get a top slot for a whole month for less then 100$ sometimes! 

A bit of shameless self advertising: offers cheap packages that will get you in the top 5, you can buy those at any time and it will be instantly activated (great if you don't want to wait till next month)

Beside the websites there are many forums online where you could advertise your Minecraft server. My personal advise is to post your server on reddit. This will get you some new players in a really short time. Be sure to be online after you posted your advertisement πŸ˜œ

Get your friends
The most obvious way to get your server started is by inviting some of your friends to join the server. having a small player base to start off with makes it way easier to keep new players. Many players online look for server with at least a few users online. because honestly, what's the point of playing on an empty server? could have played single player too.

Create a discord!
Be sure to create a discord server for your community. This way you can communicate changes and events to your players.